About the Blogger

Born blind in one eye, I was fit for a prosthesis when I was a few months old. Life could have taken two different paths. Fortunately I decided at a young age that my road wouldn’t be blocked by myself or other people telling me I can’t. Through this, I understand the full meaning behind being the best you with what you’re given.

I am blessed to have parents that never held me back and brothers that made me strong. My Dad has a PhD in Psychology and a Masters in Theology, so you could say I got many of my core values from him. My Mom grew up in Texas (where everyone looks their best…always) with a background in fashion design. I got my self confidence and fashion sense from her.

In college I was divided on whether I wanted to go into psychology like my Dad or follow my Mom down the creative path. I chose to get my B.A. in Visual Communications. Now I live and breathe branding but still wish I could help people. That’s how Personamark came to fruition.

Never stop working on yourself.

Kristin Louk – PM

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