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simple (adj.) struggle; improve; lead


April 7, 2016



obstacle (n.) observe; tackle; learn


February 4, 2016



They call me The Velvet Hammer.

It happened…my first blog post!

This creative is dedicated to my late Aunt Diana. She passed away last February after her grueling battle with Ovarian Cancer. I figured what better day than today to share my first post about her. It’s World Cancer Day. Lets take action to help prevent and fight cancer!

My aunt was an extremely strong woman. She worked as the Vice President of Northern Trust Bank in Houston until about two weeks before she died. During her two year fight with stage four cancer I never heard one complaint out of her mouth. She just kept going and going. Such an inspiration.

Many of our last conversations will stay with me forever. There’s one in particular that comes to mind and I’d like to share it with you. I was telling my aunt that in business, sometimes I come off as too sweet and people like to take advantage of that. She told me, “Kristin, you can be a genuinely caring person and still a successful businesswoman. That’s actually my trademark. They call me The Velvet Hammer.” She continued to explain to me that you don’t have to be malicious to succeed in business. There’s a happy medium between your soft side with peers and your hard side in the boardroom.

That day I promised my aunt that I would carry on The Velvet Hammer name. I wish she was still here to share more of her profound words of wisdom. So today and everyday let’s spread the word about cancer and talk about the wonderful people this awful disease takes from us.

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– PM